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Aviation Accident Results

The decision to hire an attorney after a devastating aviation accident is not one to be taken lightly. Panish Shea & Boyle LLP encourages those seeking the assistance of any aviation lawyer to ask about the aviation case results they’ve achieved and the aviation cases they’ve tried to verdict. A qualified plane accident law firm will have substantial results in the type of accident that you or your loved one have suffered through. Below are examples of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP’s successes in the arena of Aviation Law.

commercial airplane crashes
$15,750,000 Wrongful Death Airplane Crash Settlement

Doe vs. Commercial Airline – Confidential settlement for the family of a wrongful death victim in a highly publicized commercial aviation crash.

$15,000,000 Airplane Accident Wrongful Death Verdict

Wu v. Singapore Airlines – Wrongful Death verdict in crash of Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 which attempted to take off on a closed runway during Typhoon Xangsane.  The plane crashed and the fuselage broke into three sections, killing 82 people and injuring 169 others. Only one case from the crash was tried to jury verdict, and that family was represented by Brian Panish and Kevin Boyle.

Helicopter Crashes
$13,550,000 helicopter crash verdict

Beltran/Carns v. Boeing – Largest known settlement for military personnel injured during the war in Iraq awarded to Juan Beltran and Ron Carns for injuries they received. Beltran was represented by Kevin Boyle and was awarded $11,247,500 for injuries he suffered in a helicopter crash in Iraq which left him paralyzed.

$7,300,000 helicopter wrongful death verdict

Doe vs. Helicopter Tour Operator – Wrongful death caused by the crash of a sightseeing tour helicopter.

$7,300,000 helicopter accident verdict

Johnson v. Pratt & Whitney – Verdict for the families of two Marines killed when their Cobra attack helicopter crashed in the Cleveland National Forest.

charter and private plane crashes
$30,000,000 wrongful death settlement

Doe v. Private Charter Company – Settlement for an individual wrongful death in a case pending in Federal Court.

$13,750,000 defective engine wrongful death

Doe v. Engine Manufacturer – Wrongful death caused by a defective airplane engine.

$11,000,000 charter jet crash verdict

Witham v. Avjet – Verdict for wrongful death in a charter jet crash in Aspen. This was the only case from the crash to go to trial. Brian Panish and Kevin Boyle tried the case and the jury found that punitive damages were warranted. The case settled for a confidential amount before the punitive damages phase of the trial.

$4,000,000 charter wrongful death crash

Doe v. Charter Company – Wrongful death in a high profile charter plane crash that occurred overseas.

$3,100,000 charter crash

Doe v. Aviation Manufacturer

other confidential airplanes crashes
$13,500,000 Doe vs. Doe Engine Manufacturer
$10,000,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$9,250,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$9,000,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$6,000,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$5,500,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$4,000,000 Doe vs. Flight Booker
$4,000,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$2,250,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$1,250,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$1,000,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
$1,000,000 Doe vs. Commercial Airline
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