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Helping you During the Coronavirus

During this uncertain time, we want to assure you that Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP is still here to assist you with your case. Although we usually meet with... Read More

How Did the F.A.A. Allow the Boeing 737 Max to Fly?

Within five months, two Boeing 737 Max 8 jets went down, killing a total of 346 people. After the first plane went down, Boeing did not ground its other Boeing... Read More

Countries Ground the Boeing 737 Max After Deadly Crash

Aircraft safety is paramount in the commercial aviation industry. Millions of passengers who depend on the safety and security of each aircraft travel by plane every year. When an aircraft... Read More

Airport Runway Defects and Their Role in Aviation Accidents

Flying is one of the safest ways to travel; humans have under a .01% chance of dying in a flight-related accident. However, 48% of those accidents occur during a period... Read More

Are Airlines Liable for Bird Strike Accidents?

When you go on an airplane, you generally expect to have a safe, uneventful plane ride with an experienced cabin crew. However, accidents can occur while flying, with one of... Read More

Are You Liable If You Fail to Do Emergency Exit Duties on a Plane?

Most airplane passengers don’t really think about the responsibilities they would have in the event of an emergency evacuation when they clamber for the emergency exit row – popular amongst... Read More

Can Air Traffic Controllers Be Liable for Plane Crashes?

The aviation industry requires many moving parts to operate smoothly. One of the most important roles remains on the ground during the flight: air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers facilitate... Read More

A Useful Guide to Pets on Airplanes

When traveling, sometimes we want to bring our pets along for the journey. When driving, it’s a simple matter of loading your pet into a carrier or the car and... Read More

How to Handle an Emergency Airplane Landing Situation

Emergencies during flights aren’t something many of us want to think about, and dealing with an emergency landing can seem like a far-off dream. People may take several flights during... Read More

The Risk of Portable Chargers on Airplanes

The aviation industry is facing a new type of risk on commercial flights – exploding portable chargers. In February 2018, a carry-on bag containing a portable power bank exploded and... Read More

Space Law: Liability for Space Debris

Space debris refers to man-made objects (or “trash”) that remain in space despite not having any purpose. Space debris has accumulated since the 1957 launch of Sputnik, the world’s first... Read More

How Do Airplanes Still Run Out of Fuel?

Flying in jets or airplanes is so common that we rarely consider the complexities of what makes a plane stay in the air. One thing we do understand is that... Read More

How to Tell Different Airplanes Apart

Different Types of Commercial Airplanes Here is an overview of different commercial planes and how to tell them apart. Boeing 747 Two of the main types of Boeing 747 planes... Read More

What Causes Turbulence?

Turbulence is a common cause of concern for airline passengers and for good reason. It’s one of the leading causes of airline injury, with 58 injuries in the U.S. alone... Read More

Can Mobile Devices Really Affect a Plane During Takeoff?

Maybe you’ve been guilty of leaving your phone on during takeoff or even in flight. It might have been an innocent mistake, or, maybe as a global traveler, you figure... Read More
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