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Passenger Safety

Are You Liable If You Fail to Do Emergency Exit Duties on a Plane?

Most airplane passengers don’t really think about the responsibilities they would have in the event of an emergency evacuation when they clamber for the emergency exit row – popular amongst... Read More

A Useful Guide to Pets on Airplanes

When traveling, sometimes we want to bring our pets along for the journey. When driving, it’s a simple matter of loading your pet into a carrier or the car and... Read More

How to Handle an Emergency Airplane Landing Situation

Emergencies during flights aren’t something many of us want to think about, and dealing with an emergency landing can seem like a far-off dream. People may take several flights during... Read More

The Risk of Portable Chargers on Airplanes

The aviation industry is facing a new type of risk on commercial flights – exploding portable chargers. In February 2018, a carry-on bag containing a portable power bank exploded and... Read More

Can Mobile Devices Really Affect a Plane During Takeoff?

Maybe you’ve been guilty of leaving your phone on during takeoff or even in flight. It might have been an innocent mistake, or, maybe as a global traveler, you figure... Read More
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