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Aviation Accident

Countries Ground the Boeing 737 Max After Deadly Crash

Aircraft safety is paramount in the commercial aviation industry. Millions of passengers who depend on the safety and security of each aircraft travel by plane every year. When an aircraft... Read More

Airport Runway Defects and Their Role in Aviation Accidents

Flying is one of the safest ways to travel; humans have under a .01% chance of dying in a flight-related accident. However, 48% of those accidents occur during a period... Read More

Are Airlines Liable for Bird Strike Accidents?

When you go on an airplane, you generally expect to have a safe, uneventful plane ride with an experienced cabin crew. However, accidents can occur while flying, with one of... Read More

Can Air Traffic Controllers Be Liable for Plane Crashes?

The aviation industry requires many moving parts to operate smoothly. One of the most important roles remains on the ground during the flight: air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers facilitate... Read More

How to Handle an Emergency Airplane Landing Situation

Emergencies during flights aren’t something many of us want to think about, and dealing with an emergency landing can seem like a far-off dream. People may take several flights during... Read More

Can Mobile Devices Really Affect a Plane During Takeoff?

Maybe you’ve been guilty of leaving your phone on during takeoff or even in flight. It might have been an innocent mistake, or, maybe as a global traveler, you figure... Read More

Worst Aviation Accidents in History

The global aviation industry has not been without its dark points in history. Air travel is dangerous, despite numerous advances in technology and aviation engineering over the years. Taking a... Read More
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