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Charter planes operate as air taxis for hire. Companies maintain and operate most charter aircraft, but independent pilots may also privately work as charter operators for hire. The biggest charter airline on earth is a company called Thomson Airways. Other major players in the market include Omni Air International. Million Air, Air Memphis, Eurojet Romania, Ryan International Airlines, and Air Cairo.

Charter Plane Accidents

Technically, charter plane operators and owners are held to a high standard of safety. In practice, however, charter planes are not as carefully regulated as larger commercial aircraft and international airlines are. Perhaps this is because major carriers have a far stronger marketing incentive to maintain a perfect safety record than do charter operators. A typical major airline crash that kills, for instance, five dozen people, will generate international headlines; whereas a charter plane crash that kills two people might not make it onto the front pages.

"Major carriers have a far stronger marketing incentive to maintain a perfect safety record than do charter operators."

Charter Jet Accident Attorney

In addition, charter airlines travel to exotic locations that major airlines cannot access for physical or financial reasons. By traveling to more "out of the way" destinations, charter flights must rely on fewer resources if and when emergency situations occur.

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