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Private planes are more dangerous than are commercial aircraft, by an order of magnitude, at least according to recent data compiled by the National Travel and Safety Board (NTSB). On a large, commercial airliner, fewer than 0.01 fatalities per 100,000 hours flying occur. On private aviation craft, however, that ratio jumps to more than 2.3 fatalities per 100,000 hours flown. In other words, you are 200 times more likely to die while flying on a private plane than you are while flying on a commercial airliner.

Private Plane Accidents

Reasons abound as to why private flying is more dangerous. One primary factor is pilot training. Commercial aviation crew must undergo strict licensing, bonding, and education to carry passengers. Private plane operators also must demonstrate and keep up their skills, but most private crews don't fly every day. Plus, most private planes simply don't have the kinds of backup systems and emergency procedures that commercial airlines do. In addition, private flyers tend to travel to "more exotic" destinations and follow unique flight paths; whereas commercial airliners stick to the major highways and byways of the sky. Also, private airlines are on average subject to far fewer maintenance regulations than are commercial airliners and jets.

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"Reasons abound as to why private flying is more dangerous. One primary factor is pilot training."

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