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Commercial Airline Accident Lawyers

What Causes Commercial Airline Accidents?

Heavy winds, torrential rains, icy precipitation, and snow storms can all create dangerous conditions for aircraft and can result in catastrophic airline accidents. Particularly during take-off and landing, bad weather can cause bumpy, unstable, or overly slick conditions on the runway, which can impede maneuverability. Heavy weather on the ground can reduce visibility or even cause pilot blackouts, which can lead to accidents. Ice and snow accumulating on the wings of an aircraft can change airflow patterns and also reduce maneuverability.

Commercial Airline Crash Attorneys

While most aircraft today are designed to fly with one or even several engines impaired or unresponsive, catastrophic failure of multiple engines (due, for instance, to fuel leakage) can create extremely hazardous conditions. Well-trained pilots can often glide such planes to a relatively safe landing, provided there is some sort of crash site within reach. However, more often than not, passengers and crew do end up injured.

Other potential contributors to airline crashes in all cities around the world include onboard fires, stalling, failure of parts due to poor maintenance, craft damage sustained on the ground, pilot error, error on the part of air-traffic controllers, and even bird strikes.

To press a liability claim for an airplane accident, look to Panish Shea & Boyle LLP. Our legal team boasts unparalleled experience with aviation disaster cases, and we’ve won multi-million dollar settlements for our claimants in many complex cases. For instance, we represented victims of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which crashed near the California coastline, and we secured an substantial confidential settlement for those victims and their families. In another personal injury case — Anderson v. General Motors — we got a $4.9 billion jury verdict for a family that had been harmed by a vehicle’s poorly engineered fuel system.

Find out what the experienced airline accident attorneys at Panish Shea & Boyle LLP can do for you by dialing us at  (877) 800-1700.

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